About Save Kindilan

Congratulations: Kindilan Saved!

Thanks to everybody’s support, the Redland City Council has completely withdrawn plans for the Waste Transfer Station to be built next to Kindilan. This is the best possible outcome for Kindilan and we are very grateful to all the guides and community members for their help and support during this campaign.

Here is the previous information:

Kindilan is under real threat from the Redland City Council’s proposed Waste Transfer Station (WTS) to be built beside our site. Council are in the final stages of making decisions about their Waste Strategy in the Redlands. Deadlines keep being advasive! The Save Kindilan campaign is to reinforce the message to Redland City Council that we STRONGLY OBJECT to having Days Road used as any access route to the Waste Transfer Station.

This is a non agressive campaign so we ask you register your vote through this website.


Girl Guides Queensland have been in consultation with Redland City for 12 months about the proposal to build a new Waste Transfer Station along Days Road, Redland Bay.

The meeting on 3rd August provided no outcomes but some clarification: Redland City are looking at alternatives for the Waste Transfer Station plans (size and access) but the proposed plan of developing a large Waste Transfer Station and having its access down Days Road is still a real threat. RCC Waste Strategy are looking at alternatives (03/08/10) but due to corporate confidentiallity cannot provide detail.


  • The proposed opening hours in the Tender document are from 06.15 to 17.45, seven days a week.
  • The proposed access route extends 500m down Days Road which borders the property.
  • If this goes ahead the access route is within 100m of accommodation buildings and extends beyond the lake, encompassing the majority of the eastern boundary of the property.
  • The WTS would be the only station in the Redlands.
  • The peace and tranquillity of Kindilan will be impacted by noise of traffic and WTS operations.
  • The Waste Transfer Station extends along the whole eastern boundary of Kindilan.

Redland City Council announced new figures (03/08/10)  but without reference to its source. The  new proposed traffic flows are:

  • The WTS will have heavy public access daily- cars/utes/trailors (572 cars per day)
  • Each week 150 domestic kerbside trucks will pass our front entrance and extend down outr fencline as they enter and exit the WTS
  • All waste will be transported by 20 large trucks (B-Doubles) to Ipswich each day.

Please note that we OPPOSE ANY TRAFFIC INCREASE down Days Road as it will be DETRIMENTAL to the peace, tranquilty and operation of Kindilan. 

We have alternative access routes to Days Road. We urge and encourage the Council to access the WTS via Cleveland/Redland Bay Road (main road) or through their own property.

Click to view the Waste Transfer Plans as of 13/05/2009.

Act now to support the campaign. Time is precious and RCC hope to have an answer in the upcoming month. Council are hearing our campaign and it is leaving an impression. To register please click on the link at the top of the page to access our survey, and remember to tell your friends to do so as well.


What else can you do to help Kindilan?

1) Register your vote. This survey is the MOST important forum for telling the Redland Council your thoughts.

2) Direct your friends and family to this site. Completing the survey is crucial to influence the Redland Council.

3) Alert the community – Visit the ‘Community Awareness’ section on the side of the page to help out.

4) Inform your objection to your State and Federal MPs.

5) Younger guides can help out by drawing pictures with the theme ‘What Kindilan means to me’. These will be displayed on the ‘Kids Gallery’ page and gets the younger children involved as well. See the ‘Kids Gallery’ page for details.

Please contain all protest to these key areas and await further information on what you can do to help.